Alternative Bride

Mama and Papa on their wedding day circa 1973. Her freinds still remark on how sbeautiful she was on that day. 

Mama Lucia was radiant on her wedding day, her cheeks flushed with joy as she carried a simple bouquet of white roses. She walked down the aisle, reached her betrothed, the priest looked her up and down and said, “I’ve never seen a bride in black.” Black was not a statement on her feelings about the wedding, rather her refusal to blend in. Many women choose the traditional white gown, which is fine, but some brides, like my mother, want to take a risk and express their own style. It is your day. Choose a color or style YOU love. A white dress is only an option, not an obligation.

If a traditional white dress is not the right move for you, try a different approach. Instead of a dress, my mother chose a wool maxi skirt with embroidered cut outs, matching vest, high collared blouse, ostrich feather bolero, and a brimmed hat. The key to choosing a flattering ensemble is proportion and fit. The look my mother chose fit her well. The length was flattering and the jacket hit her just in the right spot.

Interested in some alternatives? Dream Dressed by PMN is amazing! She is skilled in walking on the edge. Sunny Kay is a new designer - her colors tend to be traditional, but her dresses are not. For a completely alternative look, Dawanamatrix will take you to a whole new level. Need some help? Schedule a consultation with me and l will help you find your perfect wedding style.