Ten  No, Five Tips for Stylish and Compact Summer Vacation Packing

Vacation Time!!!!


I recently took a late spring trip to Palm Springs. I’m usually an efficient packer, but this time, due to an overdramatized fear of rattlesnakes, I had to bring a large suitcase. (It had to fit my hiking poles, so I could protect myself from murderous rattlesnakes, obviously). 

Needless to say, I overpacked. I was there for five days and I brought:

ten different tops,

four pairs of pants,

three bathing suits,

four dresses and

five pairs of shoes.

and a partridge in a pear tree.

I wore about half of it.  This was an active vacation with lots of hiking (Joshua Tree National park is incredibly beautiful, I highly recommend a trip), sitting by the pool, and the prerequisite eating and drinking required for any good vacation. All I really needed was:

three shirts,

two pairs of pants,

one dress, and

one bathing suit.

Next time, I will be packing light. (Please note, I saw ZERO rattle snakes, I could have left my poles at home and been content with a carry on.)

I could give you ten tips for light packing - but that would itself be overpacking.  Here are five streamlined tips to a light and manageable suitcase for a summer vacation.

  1. Pull out all the clothes you think you will need.  Now look at them.  You won’t need that many!  For a one week vacation, you will probably only need three tops, two bottoms, and a dress. If you are a prone to staining, like I am, bring four tops.

  2.  Coordinate!! Make sure all your tops and bottoms match. From three matching outfits, you can mix and match and get at least nine different looks. (Don’t be afraid to wear your clothes more than once, you are on vacation!! Anyway, the French will wear the same outfit for at least three days.)

  3. Add some coordinating accessories.  An oversized scarf can double as beach side cover up or a top. And if you are adventurous, a second dress. (YouTube has a billion and one "How To Vidoes" on scarfs.)

  4. Comfortable shoes are a must.  A cute pair of tennis shoes and a versatile sandal are all you need. Ok, and a pair of flip-flops.

  5. Bring one sweater or jacket, air conditioning is cold.


Enjoy your vacation!!!!