Having long admired Melissa’s personal sense of style, I finally agreed to let her come inventory my closet. This was way outside my comfort zone, but she made it easy and fun. She kindly set aside a number of pieces that I hadn’t worn in ages, or that didn’t really fit or were just plain ugly, and she combined other pieces to create outfits I never would have conceived on my own. She helped me figure out what else I needed, and then went to work over the next few weeks, bringing me several new things. We mixed and matched, and she showed me how I could put different elements together to create a more modern look. Melissa’s candor and encouragement have given me the confidence to experiment with new styles, and I have gotten so many compliments on what I’ve been wearing lately.
— Lisa 52

I always have a difficult time choosing clothes that both look nice on me and fit well and it makes shopping a chore, rather than a pleasure. Melissa made it all so fun and exciting! She seemed to quickly understand my style and gave me useful advice on how to revitalize my wardrobe. When she brought over new clothes for me to try on, I had a hard time saying no to anything! She really paid attention to the items that I needed and wanted and was mindful of my budget, while not skimping on quality. Melissa’s enthusiasm, generosity, and easy-going nature made working with her a joy. I love my new clothes and feel awesome thanks to all her help! I highly recommend Melissa’s personal shopping services.
— Katie 39

Melissa is the sh*t. She made my wardrobe the bees knees. Melissa did a great job purging my closet of items I really shouldn’t wear any more along with creating new combinations I didn’t even consider with my current items. She also found several key pieces I was missing from my current collection to amp up my outfits. I’ve gotten so many complements on the items she picked out for me. Also, don’t be afraid to tell her no if you don’t like anything. I’m a people pleaser but she had no issues with me disliking things.
— Sarah 27
Wow. I was completely surprised! Not only by the clothing choices that Melissa made for me, but how the look that I had been going for, but unable to find for myself, showed up in my fitting session with Melissa.
I love the clothes that Melissa found for me and can’t wait to wear them everyday to work and to my cousin’s upcoming wedding.
Melissa showed me why some items, that I may have chosen, didn’t actually fit me. She pointed out that my posture can make a HUGE difference in something looking good, to something looking absolutely fabulous.
Can’t wait for next Fall to do this with Melissa again. I am amazed at her expert eye, her understanding of my needs, her ability to help me express myself through my wardrobe, her warmth and her fun approach to dressing. I had a wonderful time and now, I have an incredible, gorgeous, affordable, stylish and functional wardrobe. When I open my closet, I never have tons of clothes and “nothing to wear”. I have so many great, appropriate choices!
My biggest surprise was that I consider myself fairly sophisticated and knowledgeable when it comes to clothing choices. Melissa rises head and shoulders above what I have been able to do for myself. All I can say is THANK YOU!
Let’s do this again!!!!!

— Cindy 50